Introducing IUI ®

Introducing IUI Mobile ® - IUI ® invests in technology companies, including mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows. IUI's ® suite of applications are used to manage complex planning problems. IUI Mobile ® has an SSL Plaform and dashboard. Find IUI's ® apps in the Apple Store Upgrade It! ® and IUI Enterprise ®

What IUI ® Does

Invests in new technology. IUI's ® existing technologies include: (1) IUI Enterprise ® - SSL Online Platform and Dashboard for Industry tied to iPad; and (2) Upgrade It! ®: Frustrated by crumbling public works? Here is your iPhone tool. IUI ® has developed a tool to shape your community. Make your voice known. IUI ® has tools to support your entire team. Make your firm stand-out from the competition. Utilize IUI's ® customized solutions.


About IUI ®

Infrastructure Upgrade, Inc. ® is incorporated in the State of Delaware. IUI ® is registered with Dun & Bradstreet and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. Infrastructure Upgrade, Inc., P.O. Box 154, Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Phone: (415)-712-9708. Traction and Usage: Visitors from 2400+ international cities, 152+ countries, 52 U.S. States/Territories and representing 101+ international languages. IUI ® has two Apple App Store apps. IUI ® had an MBA internship program with Golden Gate University in 2012. IUI's ® Business Partners include BNP Paribas, Rackspace, ESRI, NephoScale, Crittercism, Microsoft, IBM and SoftLayer.


IUI's ® Products

IUI ® is investing in new technologies in 2017. IUI's ® Consumer and Enterprise apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

IUI's ® Team

Matthew L. Myers CEO and Founder of IUI Mobile ®.

He was instrumental in setting up the basing initiative to relocate 18,000 troops and their dependents from Okinawa to Guam. Matthew Myers has extensive experience managing large scale initiatives for the private sector and government.

In his spare time he enjoys road, big mountain free riding (mountain biking and snowboarding), road cycling surfing and running marathons.

Shepherd Myers is the CMO and Founder of IUI Mobile ®.

Shepherd Myers is an exceptional strategist. He lead the Science Department at the Bishop Museum, marketing the division to the public through outreach. He also has a technical natural science background, that includes entomology. As the Collections Manager he oversaw the Museum of Natural History's initiative to catalogue the Bishop Museum's collection of over 14 million insects (utilizing sophisticated databases). He is also an amazing graphic designer (UX/UI), artist and draftsman.

In his spare time he enjoys cycling (road, mountain and cycle-cross), illustration and playing the banjo.


Technical Development Team

IUI's ® programming development team has extensive experience depoying enterprise IT solutions, including Apple, Android and Microsoft apps. IUI's ® programmers provide the technical back-end build deployment, including our 2015 customized mobile solutions.

Legal Advisors

IUI's ® law firm Sutter Law is based in San Francisco.

IUI's ® Partners

IUI's ® Partners in include IBM's SoftLayer, Rackspace, ESRI, NephoScale, Microsoft, Crittercism and BNP Paribas.

Contact IUI ®

Contact IUI's ® team for a demo via email at or (415)-712-9708